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AUTEUR Nicholas-B Davies
ISBN 9780865427310
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Intended for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses in behavioural ecology where students are already familiar with the basic ideas, this book continues to define the subject. A completely new set of contributions has been brought together once more to take account of the many exciting recent developments in the field. Each chapter presents a balanced view of a topical issue in behavioural ecology, integrating a clear exposition of the theory with a critical discussion of how predictions have been tested by experiments and comparative studies. In addition, the book points to unresolved issues and possible future developments. Edited by two of the most highly regarded experts in the field, this new volume contains contributions from an international authorship and continues the tradition of clarity and accessibility established by the three previous editions.ON THE THIRD EDITION'They have done it again! In the eminently successful earlier editions of their textbook classic, Krebs and Davies set a high standard for what should be expected from the third. They do not only fulfil these expectations, they go beyond them.' TREE

The previous editions, by John Krebs and Nick Davies (1981, 1987, 1993) celebrated the early years of behavioural ecology. Our aim was to understand how behaviour evolves in the natural world. This requires links between studies of behaviour, evolution and ecology. The link with evolution is central because we expect natural selection to favour those behaviour patterns which maximise an ...

An introduction to behavioural ecology. 4th ed. Oxford and Hoboken, NJ: ... Dugatkin takes an evolutionary approach to explaining behavioral mechanisms and processes, and he covers a broad array of animal-based behavioral ecological studies. Westneat, David, and Charles Fox. 2010. Evolutionary behavioral ecology. New York: Oxford Univ. Press. E-mail Citation » One of the few textbooks that ...


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