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AUTEUR Fabrice Lecomte
ISBN 9782710809487
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CO2 capture and geological storage (CCS) is now recognised as being one of the pathways that can be implemented to reduce CO, emissions and fight against global warming. But where, how and at what price can CO, be captured ? This book attempts to provide the answers to these questions, reviewing the state of the art of the technologies required. It presents the three main pathways considered in which the CO2 capture technologies are expected to be implemented, respectively : the post-combustion pathway, in which the CO, contained in industrial flue gases is extracted ; the oxy-combustion pathway, in which combustion is performed in oxygen to obtain flue gases with high CO2 concentration ; and lastly the pre-combustion pathway, in which carbon is extracted from the initial fuel to generate hydrogen, whose combustion will produce only water vapour. The book introduces, for each pathway, the technologies currently available and those under development. It is intended for everyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms implemented in CO, capture operations, as well as the technological and economic challenges to be met to ensure that the costs generated by these operations are no longer an obstacle to their worldwide generalisation.

Low emission technologies use a range of key advanced technologies to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions levels, air-borne pollutants and other environmental impacts. Electricity and Power In the power and electricity generation sector, these technologies focus on a suite of innovative engineering associated with CO2 capture and storage, as well as complementary advanced power ...

This book summarises the advanced CO2 capture technologies that can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially those from large-scale sources, such as power-generation and steel-making plants. Focusing on the fundamental chemistry and chemical processes, as well as advanced technologies, including absorption and adsorption, it also discusses other aspects of the major CO2 capture ...


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