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AUTEUR Shlomo Shinnar
ISBN 9780120781416
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Febrile seizures, the most common type of seizures in infants and young children, continue to be the subject of intense interest and controversy among physicians and researchers. But many unanswered questions remain: How do levers generate seizures; why only in children; why only in some children? Are the seizures dangerous? Do they affect intellectual and learning abilities? Do they lead to brain damage? Do they promote epilepsy? Over the past two decades, a tremendous body of clinical and basic neuroscience research has addressed these questions, but no compendium has brought together the salient information from epidemiological, genetic, clinical, imaging, animal model, and single cell in vitro perspectives. This book spans this remarkable spectrum of approaches to the critical issues of febrile seizures. Each chapter, written by groundbreaking leaders in the field, is pertinent to clinicians who care for children or educate their parents, to those involved in epilepsy research, and to scientists interested in the mechanisms of excitability in the developing brain. Febrile Seizures is written in an approachable style accessible to those with a general interest in these seizures, their etiology, mechanisms, and consequences.

The association of influenza A and febrile seizures is seasonal, related to epidemics, especially prevalent in Asia, sometimes triggered by a concomitant reactivation of HHV infection, and often complicated by encephalopathy or complex seizures. The occurrence of febrile seizures with influenza A epidemics may also be viral strain dependent. Rapid viral diagnostic testing in patients ...

Febrile seizures are also sometimes called febrile convulsions. During most seizures the child's body becomes stiff, they lose consciousness and their arms and legs twitch. Some children may wet themselves. This is what's known as a tonic clonic seizure. Read more about the symptoms of febrile seizures. Frightening but harmless. Seeing a child having a seizure, particularly if they have no ...


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