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AUTEUR Moira Butterfield
ISBN 9781760342258
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This is a book about New York that's seriously streetwise. Featuring 19 colourful themed trails that take young explorers to the heart of the city from the comfort of their own home. Readers aged 7 and up will discover mind-blowing facts and uncover some of the city's best-kept secrets as they journey through the book and follow the trails. Find out what's lurking in the pumpkin garden, why you might find an elephant underground, how eating hot dogs could make you rich and loads more.

Happy trails await you in a New York City park. Pick a trail based on preferred difficulty, distance, or scenery; pack plenty of water and sunscreen; layer your clothing; and hit the road! Looking to join a group hike with a guide? Visit our Hiking Events page. Recommended Hiking Trails. Plan your next hiking trip right here in New York City! Check out our new interactive trail maps and ...

No list of hiking trails close to New York City would be complete without mentioning Breakneck Ridge. Located about an hour out of town, the trailhead is actually accessible via the Metro-North train. Be prepared for steep climbs, the trail features 1500 feet of vertical gain over the course of its nearly 6 mile length, but the payoff is some spectacular views of the Hudson Valley from the top.


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